Kindred Purchases Historic Music From Cross Cut

Image634783655917585145Kindred Records purchases CrossCut/Vetco titles

Irvine, KY (July 20, 2012) - Kindred Records has purchased masters from Cross Cut Records USA, a London, Kentucky based record label.
Titles include artists Harley Allen, Ernie Thacker, Jimmy Skinner, Don Stanley, Goins Brothers, Lynwood Lunsford, Jimmie Skinner, Sammy Adkins, and many other recordings.

Many were previous Vetco cassette-only releases, and will be re-issued digitally with a few titles planned to be available in CD format.

"I am very pleased to add over 24 titles to our Kindred catalog, and look forward to making many of these historic and rare recordings digitally available to the public." says Kindred owner and manager Scott Roberts.

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