Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Larry Stephenson–“What Really Matters”

Image634768258287477156 W.J. Hallock  has finished reviewing Larry Stephenson’s latest release on Compass Records, “What Really Matters.”
“The songs that Larry, the band and co-producer extraordinaire, Ben Surratt, picked for this project are a wide swath of varied sounds and feels. Straight ahead bluegrass plus some Merle and some Woody Guthrie. The title song, “What Really Matters,” by the late Harley Allen and John Wiggins obviously means a lot to Larry…. and he sings his heart out on it. Only one original song by Larry is on this CD. And the strength and power that comes from “God Will,” makes me wonder why Larry isn’t showcasing his own songs more. This is song-writing at it’s best.”
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