60 DAYS TO SAVE THE TV SHOW - Song Of The Mountains!

 Bluegrass and Old Time Music television show shown on PBS needs your help to fund 24 episodes for the next season recorded during 2012

Image634802080599575883Song of the Mountains is asking for support from our fans to guarantee we will have complete funding for the upcoming season of the Song of the Mountains television show.  We've been filming some amazing performances throughout this 2012 season that we know you won't want to miss! 

So we'd be grateful if you'd pay a visit to Kickstarter.com and show your love for Song of the Mountains by making a pledge and becoming a backer to help us meet our goal.  We only get the funds if we meet our goal so it is critical that we get your pledge asap

Song of the Mountains is a grassroots television program that showcases Bluegrass music and other Appalachian styles of music and entertainment but we believe it is truly so much more...  (Read the full story)

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