IBMA Counts Down to World of Bluegrass

IBMA Executive Director Nancy Cardwell is counting the weeks and listing the reasons to attend Bluegrass’ Annual Convention and what some have termed the “Super Bowl” of Bluegrass!

REASON #8 Music City Memories.

Only EIGHT weeks now until World of Bluegrass! And this will be the last year -- for at least a while -- that the city of Nashville hosts the World of Bluegrass. Starting in 2013, WOB will be held in Raleigh, NC.

Of all the sights and sounds at World of Bluegrass in Music City over the years, I would have to say some of my own favorite moments have taken place offstage. Of course, I'm talking about the jam sessions. Although we are an industry association and World of Bluegrass is an industry event, the live music -- both onstage and off -- makes this event a thousand times more fun and interactive than just about any professional convention!

Around every corner, in every nook and cranny of the Nashville Convention Center and up and down the hallways on jamming floors at the Renaissance Hotel, you'll find spectacular little groups of folks playing some of the hottest bluegrass music you’ve ever heard. I'll never forget walking around the corner on the way to the Bluegrass Unlimited suite, at the first WOB I attended in Owensboro, KY, in 1992, to find Hazel Dickens and Peter Rowan singing a duet in the hallway!
Below is a handpicked selection of jam videos shot in Nashville at World of Bluegrass over the years. They represent a cross-section of our industry -- at all points on the spectrum, from enthusiast to superstar -- getting together to pick a little bluegrass. 

2009: Late-Night Jam with Michael Cleveland


2008: Rob Ickes, Andy Leftwich, and Dave Pomeroy


2010: Adam Steffey & Turner Hutchens, “Bill Cheatham”


2007: Al Hawkes & Trae Buckner, "Rocky Road Blues"


2010: Hallway Jams!


2009: Alex Hargreaves, Joey McKenzie, Drew Phelps


2007: All-Star Jam with Alecia Nugent, Dustin Benson, Thomas Wywrot, Eli Johnston, Rick Faris, & Jason Robertson


2008: Old-Time Jam (Thomas Bailey et. al.)

2010: Booth Jam with members of Rockin' Acoustic Circus & Red Wine


2011: “Down The Road”

2007: Jerry Douglas, Leroy Mack, Mike Witcher and others at the Beard Guitars booth http://youtu.be/-daYIMXm4eI

These are the kinds of experiences and memories that I hope will bring you back to World of Bluegrass this year... memories of the exciting and powerful music that happens when professional bluegrass musicians and industry insiders from all over the world converge in one place.

Join us in September as we make Music City ring again with that high lonesome sound. (And remember to pack your banjo so you can do a little jamming, too!)

See you there,

Nancy Cardwell, IBMA

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