New Documentary Peeks at Bluegrass Pioneers

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When asked what piece of advice he would give a new bluegrass musician today, J.D. Crowe stated, "Go back and learn it from the start, learn where it came from, learn that first. That's where it is. That's where it all happens."

The DVD documentary Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass: Tales of the Early Days in Their Own Words is full of wonderful words of wisdom from the likes of Jimmy Martin, Mac Wiseman, Bobby Osborne, Art Stamper, Kenny Baker and more. Words that are now preserved in this documentary honoring their legacy.

pull quote reamsEveryone who truly loves this music should want to hear the stories from not just the big names in our business but from the musicians that supported them too. This documentary proves that their lives are no less important to the story of bluegrass music than the major stars. Their candid thoughts, rib ticklers, and insights are all there in this DVD waiting to be shared with today's bluegrass fans while preserving them for future generations.

Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass isn't a slick video production from some fancy movie company. It's a labor of love, shot with minimal equipment. The plan was to make the viewer feel like they are standing right there with these bluegrass pioneers, just shooting the breeze.

Many of those that appeared in this film have since passed away. In some cases this documentary represents their last filmed interview. We hope that you too will feel the need to preserve these special moments of bluegrass history.

pull quote reams2A  Kickstarter Campaign has been set up to handle donations (CLICK HERE to go to the campaign site) and they hope to raise enough funds to "git 'er done!" There are some pretty sweet rewards offered for your generous contributions. 

You should know that the money you pledge won't be taken out of your account until the campaign's conclusion AND ONLY IF THEY REACH THEIR GOAL. They don't receive a dime if the goal is not met.

James says, “…and just so you know, we aren't making any money on this project either.”  A major portion of the proceeds will go to support the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY - where this film got it's start. These pioneers would be proud to know that their words are helping to keep the music they love alive.

You can provide support for the project at the Kickstarter Campaign site.

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