New Management and Booking Agency for Bluegrass Artists

deep river(Press Release -Greenville, S.C.) The partnership of John Lockaby and Laura Ridge under the name Deep River Management provides booking and management for the best in pure Bluegrass music.

The goal and objective of Deep River is to represent our artists in a professional manner. We feel we are not only representing our artists, but we are representing the future of Bluegrass music.

Our first goal is Booking. The best exposure is to have our artists where the fans are. Our objective is to have our bands play in the premier festivals and venues in the country.

Next is Branding.

We have an extensive plan to make sure our artists are in front of as many fans, promoters, DJ’s, and other professionals in the Bluegrass business as possible. Then our job will be to continue Building.

Our team has been building relationships for years in the industry, but we desire to build stronger ties for years to come. Our reputation has and will continue to be the most important part of who we are, and we will continue to build Deep River into a business that the professionals in our business can and will trust.

Lastly our staff has multiple skills that we offer our artist as Bonuses. We are more than just a booking and management agency, we are a BLUEGRASS FAMILY!!

The partnership of John Lockaby and Laura Ridge, is one that consist of two generations, and 20 years of professional work in the bluegrass industry.

Mr. Lockaby has an extensive management background in many different fields, and has promoted bluegrass at the highest level.

Mrs. Ridge comes from a Bluegrass family with strong ties to those in the industry and has been in the forefront of helping promote Bluegrass venues and bands in many different aspects.

This partnership brings together the wisdom of many years in the business, but also the zeal and drive of a youthful mind that desires to see Bluegrass grow well into the next generation. Deep River’s main desire is to promote, protect, and preserve traditional Bluegrass!!

Deep River Management Contact Info:

Contact: John Lockaby



Contact: Laura Ridge

  • Phone: (919) 698-8928
  • E-mail: laura@deeprivermgmt.com


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Dan Rass said...

Thank you for your efforts in promoting and preserving this great genre. As a bluegrass performer I feel it is important to raise folks awareness of this wonderful music. This is no longer the era of bib overalls and straw hats.The harmonies in this music is like no other. The family traditions and models set forth inside this music seems to bring people together. We get many compliments on our performances about folks feeling like they've become a part of our family, like they're a part of something else. We promote other bands in our area, cause when they succeed, we succeed.
Once again, thank you.