New Website for Gospel Bluegrass

Image634800239524584697A few weeks ago we told you to be watching for a brand new website dedicated to Bluegrass Gospel.  Well it’s here.  Blessed Bluegrass is a sister site to NationalBluegrass.com and like them it is a membership site.   Memberships are free but at present the site is still growing and needs your help.

If you are a member of a bluegrass band that plays Gospel music, they would love to have you as a member.  You can post your band’s events and band’s information and update it as often as necessary.   The member page is here.

Like NationalBluegrass.com, the site is categorized by regions and there are avenues for performances, venues, calendars, news CD reviews and more.

The site doesn’t say specifically that bands must play exclusively Gospel material but they do have a contact page if you wish to clarify before posting your content.

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