The Best CDs of 2012 According to National Traditional Country Music Assoc.

Image634807930398452166The National Traditional Country Music Association’s Rural Roots Music Commission has just announced their 2012 List of the Best CDs. 
According to Bob Everhart, President of the association, "We've tried and tried to listen to today's so-called country music, but it just ain't country music.  Our membership, which is located mostly in the upper Midwest of America, is definitely turned off to what record producers and acts call country music today.  It just simply isn't country music.”

 The annual awards are part of the Traditional Country Music Festival held in Le Mars, Iowa.  There are over 650 performing artists coming from around the world to share their music, their songs, and their persona on ten stages from 9am to midnight, every day for seven days, August 27th through September 2nd.
Everhart went on to add, "It is with great honor that I announce the winners of this years Rural Roots Music Commission "CD of the Year" awards.
  • BEST COUNTRY FEMALE HARMONY CD OF THE YEAR - Mary Channer Paul, Belgrade, Nebraska for "Once More"
  • BEST COUNTRY MALE HARMONY CD OF THE YEAR - Jay Kelly, Atkinson, Nebraska for "Once More"
  • BEST CLASSIC COUNTRY FEMALE CD OF THE YEAR - Sharon Kenaston, Lyon, Nebraska for "Sharon"
  • BEST IOWA COUNTRY MUSIC CD OF THE YEAR - Raldo Schneider, Cedar Falls, Iowa for "Burnin' Daylight"
  • BEST MOUNTAIN MUSIC CD OF THE YEAR - Jim & Dave, Gassaway. West Virginia for "Early Country Duets"
  • BEST OLD-TIME MUSIC CD OF THE YEAR - The Roe Family, Minneapolis, Minnesota for "The Owl The Bat and the Bumblebee"
  • BEST BANJO INSTRUMENTALIST CD OF THE YEAR - Bobby Atkins, Greensboro, North Carolina for "Banjo Pickin' Time"
  • BEST TRADITIONAL COUNTRY CD OF THE YEAR - Jerry Schafer, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan for "The Lonely Trucker"
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL COUNTRY CD OF THE YEAR - Silverwings, Woodbridge, Canada for "Cause I Love you"
  • BEST DOBRO INSTRUMENTALIST CD OF THE YEAR - Jack Ferguson, Boone, Iowa for "Shackles and Chains"
  • BEST FIDDLE INSTRUMENTALIST CD OF THE YEAR - Jake Simpson, Wyandotte, Oklahoma for "Sounds Like Home"
  • BEST HARMONICA INSTRUMENTALIST CD OF THE YEAR - Charlie McCoy, Nashville, Tennessee for "Lonesome Whistle"
  • BEST CD SONG OF THE YEAR - Terry Lewsader, Santa Monica, California for "Beanfield Blues"
  • BEST TRADITIONAL GOSPEL CD OF THE YEAR - Jacob Austin Band, Anderson, Texas for "Unplugged-Renewed"
  • BEST BLUEGRASS GOSPEL CD OF THE YEAR - Ronnie Dean, White House, Tennessee for "Everything"
  • BEST FOLK MUSIC CD OF THE YEAR - Ron Wilburne, Woodbridge, Virginia for "Still Hangin' Round"
  • BEST SOFT COUNTRY CD OF THE YEAR - John Rex Reeves, Humble, Texas for "Heart & Soul"
  • BEST CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY CD OF THE YEAR - Lorraine Worth, Springview, Nebraska for "Sandhills Sweetheart"
  • BEST REGIONAL CD OF THE YEAR - Gloria Nihart, Stewartville, Minnesota for "God Bless Mamas and Daddies"
  • BEST ACOUSTIC COUNTRY CD OF THE YEAR - Storm Seymour & Stephanie Snow, Tama, Iowa for "Home Grown"

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