The Grass Cats Release First New CD in Three Years

Image634794198400293045As The Grass Cats celebrate their 15th year of performing and recording they release The Mountain My Baby and Me their 8th CD for New Time Records.

Known for their chart-topping originals and bluegrass “covers” of songs from other genres, The Cats have struck a chord with critics and fans alike with their unique sound. 

Their first CD in three years, original members: Russell Johnson, Tim Woodall and Chris Hill are joined by Rick Lafleur on banjos and Alan Mullen on guitar.

Image634794225833938611Four Oaks, NC New Time Records and The Grass Cats announce the release of "The Mountains My Baby and Me" for September 10th, 2012.

Known for their chart-topping originals and bluegrass covers of songs from other genres of music, The Cats continue to strike a chord with critics and fans alike with their unique sound.

Now well into their second decade as a band, The Grass Cats are still entertaining audiences with their live performances and critically acclaimed recordings. After fifteen years of performing and major chart success including two number one singles and several top ten CDs, some bands at this point in their career might rest on their laurels and just “make another record” but the Grass Cats refuse to settle for that.

Combining the songwriting of Russell Johnson, one of the music’s premier writers and covers of songs from artists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, "The Mountains My Baby and Me" promises to be another stellar disc featuring a broad range of material, soulful vocals and dynamic instrumentation.

Their approach to the music melds the finest qualities of traditional and contemporary bluegrass in a style that moves forward without losing sight of its roots. It is a perfect introduction to bluegrass for the uninitiated listener.
The Grass Cats are five musicians with a musical story to tell: the exceptional banjo of Rick Lafleur and razor sharp guitar playing of Alan Mullen, the silky smooth harmonies of bassist Tim Woodall and fiddler Chris Hill, and the songs, voice and soul of Russell Johnson on mandolin.

"The Mountains My Baby And Me" was produced and recorded by Russell Johnson at The Comfort Zone in Four Oaks, NC. The disc was mixed and mastered by Wesley Easter at Eastwood Studios in Cana, Virginia. It will be released September 10th, 2012 and available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and the band’s website, www.grasscats.com. The first single and two additional songs are available to radio now at Airplay Direct and the full project will be available for radio downloads on September 10th.

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