Bluegrass Murder Mystery Inspires More Bluegrass Fiction Writers

The Gift Cover“The Mandolin Case – A Bluegrass Murder Mystery” by the late Tom Bibey was the first of it’s kind and for quite some time it remained the only one of it’s kind.   All of that changes now with the release of Pamela Warren’s first fictional Novel, “The Gift.”

MS Warren says she got encouragement from Bibey after reading his book and he told her to write her own bluegrass novel.  Warren’s story is fictional but based upon a great deal of her own real-life experiences.  

“I started writing the book after I became vision impaired from a stroke, so the part of my book where my heroine becomes vision impaired is based on my personal experience.”

"The Gift” is the story of Maggie Mae Williams, a singer/songwriter and bluegrass mandolinist from Boston. She travels to New Orleans to visit her former college roommate and meets Zak Robichaud and Justin Boudreau, musicians in the Cajun blues/rock band the Bayou Blasters. Pam Warren2They all begin music careers that succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but find the pressures of touring start taking their toll. Maggie must decide between the charismatic, yet flawed Zak, and reliable Justin who is able to offer her emotional support when she needs it the most.

An amateur bluegrass mandolinist, herself, for over twenty years,  Ms. Warren states that she is hoping that some of the proceeds from this book will go towards supporting educational programs for young bluegrass musicians.

“The Gift” by Pamela Warren is available through Amazon Kindle Books.

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Pam Warren said...

Thank you for letting people know about my book. Dr. Bibey asked me to include him as a character in my book, and he has a small but crucial role in Chapter 26.