Former Dillards’ Band Member Killed in Auto Crash!

Image634824304238122319Las Vegas musician Doug Bounsall who once played with the Dillards and the Rodney Dillard Band has passed away.

He was the victim of a traffic accident over the weekend.   Police reports say the 61 year old Bounsall was attempting to pass another vehicle  when his vehicle rolled three times.

Bounsall was one of Las Vegas' first true Bluegrass Musicians.  He was an accomplished banjo, mandolin, fiddle and guitar player and was part of Las Vegas based bands such as The Oates Brothers and The Rising South.

Image634824312021152319Bounsall was pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger in his vehicle was air-lifted to a Las Vegas medical facility.  Clark County officials said the crash occurred on the North shore road about 6 p.m. on Sunday

Bounsall appeared on three of the Dillards recorded albums between 1978 and 1979 ( Decade Waltz, Homecoming and Family Reunion, Mountain Rock) and also on Doug Dillard’s solo project, Heaven.


Anonymous said...

Doug was a great musician, could play any stringed instrument. I was married to him a long time ago and he was so talented and the funniest person I ever knew. He was a true original and will be mourned by many including his 2 daughters and 2 sons...

Anonymous said...

Doug was a rare, and an extreamly talented individual. I grew up with Doug and was his first friend here in Vegas, since meeting him in junior high. My brother Richard played drums in many bands with Doug including the Dillards. Hell,Doug and I ran away to Haight Ashbury when I was only 13. Doug will singing and pickin in heaven with Danny,Frank, and his dad Eddie now!Richard and I can only hope to look them all up one day. You will be missed

Joey Mathis said...

I knew Doug for only about eight years, but within that time he was a good friend and like a grandfather to me. His musical talent for playing a string instrument is beyond comparison. I use to be able to just sit there for hours and listen to him play, and tell me stories of his life in the Dillards, and about his childhood. Not only did the world lose a crazy but wonderful man, they also lost some of the best music that most people will never get to hear.....Joey Mathis