German Bluegrass Band to Guest Blog Here

Covered Grass EWOB 2012The German Bluegrass band Covered Grass has made such an impression on so many new fans all over the world with their smash-hit video “Goodnight John Boy” a tribute song written by the band for the Walton’s TV Show characters that they garnered an unprecedented invitation from the original cast of the show to perform their song live in Los Angeles this month before the assembled cast, spouses, friends and fans of the show at the 40th anniversary Gala Celebration.

We thought it would be an interesting new look at our genre and all it entails if we could capture the spirit and the excitement of the whirlwind on which this group is currently Image634835037618439721riding and so we invited them to be guest bloggers here during their trip from Germany to Nashville to attend the IBMA World of Bluegrass.  They will perform a special showcase there and are the first German band to be invited to do so in the last twelve years. 

Then it’s on to Los Angeles for the Walton’s Anniversary.   Whatever the group encounters, they’ll be writing and blogging about it here for us all to share and enjoy their adventure.   As far as we know at this point the writing duties will be shared by the group’s lead singer and mandolinist, Corina Aurin-Grund and the group’s banjo picker, Volker Fisher.

Look for their Guest Blogger Posts beginning this weekend.

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