All 6 Members of Bluegrass 45 Reunite for 45th Anniversary

Image634864871593126408A ground-breaking bluegrass group – Bluegrass 45 will celebrate the 45th anniversary of forming the band. The Bluegrass 45 was formed in a small coffee shop called ‘Lost City’ in downtown Kobe, Japan in 1967. In 1970 they were ‘discovered’ by Dick Freeland who owned Rebel Records at that time, and with his invitation they toured the States and Canada in 1971 and ‘72.

“In the summer of 1971 the American bluegrass music scene received a surprise. The Bluegrass 45, a young band from Japan created new sounds that made "our" music truly International. It was obvious the band was well versed in traditional bluegrass but when they played "Take 5" by jazz great Dave Brubeck, the music was forever changed.”  -Sam Bush – (from Akira Otsuka’s solo album ‘First Tear’ liner notes.)

Image634864869853416902They’re celebrating their 45th anniversary with a tour in Japan next month with all original 6 members. Here’s their schedule:

11/16 Kobe Rokkoman Hall

11/17 Fujisawa Fujisawa City Roudou Kaikan

11/18 Tokyo Rocky Top

11/19 Nagoya Little Village

11/22 Osaka Another Dream

11/23 Takarazuka Nishi Kominkan

11/24 Imabari Asakura Kominkan

11/25 Kochi Kochi City Bunka Plaza



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