Hyatt Music House–The Original Bluegrass JAM Site Being Demolished!

Image634871232044050053Since the late 1940s, Nelia and Wayne Hyatt of 627 Brevard Road in Ashville, NC invited bluegrass musicians to Jam at their home, thereby creating the first bluegrass jam tradition that has continued to this day.

In mid-summer reports that the home could be in jeopardy to make room for a automobile dealership began to surface.  Today the fears of many have become reality.  Demolition crews and heavy equipment operators were on the property.

Image634871220695400948Public jams at the home began in 1976 when the couple added a small structure next to the home and was dubbed “Mrs. Hyatt’s Oprahouse.”  The residence is the only structure being demolished.  The Oprahouse will remain, at least for the time being while concerned citizens work with the local preservation society to attempt to relocate the building.

Wayne Hyatt passed on in 1984 but Nelda continued the weekly Thursday night music gatherings.  She currently resides in a county nursing home but continued to attend the weekly jams as often as she could.


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