Bush League Broadcasting Just Got Better–Sam Bush TV–Watch It Here!

Sam Bush has just launched a new video series called “Ask Sam” that we think you might like to know about.

Legendary musician Sam Bush discusses his superpowers and picks for the MLB playoffs, amongst other topics, in his new “Ask Sam” video series now playing.   

 CLICK THE PIC to Watch Sam Bush TV!

“Ask Sam” is a series of videos in which Sam answers fan-submitted questions, with subjects ranging from his choice of instrument when making a guest appearance and what he has planned for the upcoming years to where he gets his “superpowers” and where fans can get his shoes!

Webisodes will be automatically added to the SBTV player each week for viewers to enjoy.

Here’s one we picked from the list where Sam was asked from where his superpowers come.  The full list of topics is included below the video. Choose some more on your own and enjoy watching Sam Bush TV

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