Sleepy Man Banjo Boys Release Second Album

sbb cdAfter months of sweat, tears, brotherly fights, and lessons on collaboration and patience, Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are happy to release their second album: 'The Farthest Horizon'. 

This album represents their first step into the wild west of songwriting and they think you will see a touch of each of their personalities in the music.

'The Farthest Horizon' consists of 11 tracks; 7 originals and 4 bluegrass classics, and introduces the beautiful voice of 13-year-old Ashley Lilly.  Ashley is the granddaughter of the late bluegrass legend Everett Lilly and it was no accident that the boys were introduced right as their young voices were beginning to snap, crackle and pop. :-)

The album is shipping as a six-panel digipak and includes descriptions of the songs and some fun behind the scenes album facts.  You can sample a few new tracks at sleepymanbanjo.com!

What About My Kickstarter Pre-Order?

Kickstarter orders are already being fulfilled and the band expects to get most of them out the door by the end of next week.  They ask that you please log into your Kickstarter account and complete the questionnaire with t-shirt(s) color / size, and shipping address.

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