Laurie Lewis Gets Rare Photo of Wyoming’s Official Back-Yard Pet!

Image634880605500443525Grammy winning singer-songwriter and and fiddler Laurie Lewis, on a recent songwriting retreat in Wyoming, took a detour and found herself behind some unexpected “Heavy Traffic” going through Yellowstone National Park.


“Driving back from the hot springs, I found myself behind a buffalo, lumbering up the road. Not knowing how he'd react, I didn't dare pass him for the longest time. Finally I got up my nerve and inched my car up next to him and snapped this photo while going past.”


Laurie took several weeks and retreated to the northern part of Wyoming at the Ucross Foundation in Clearmont where she says, “the time here at Ucross has been inspiring and renewing in so many ways. My deepest gratitude goes out to Darol Anger, Phil Aaberg and to the Ucross Foundation for making this dream come true!  I feel like the luckiest person alive ….my "yard" is visited frequently by white-tail deer, pheasants, an occasional skunk, and a bald eagle. I keep the binoculars handy while I sit on the couch and work on new songs. At first, the songs seemed to pour out of me, waiting just under the surface for the time and space to write them down. Now they have slowed a bit, but I still have a week left here, and since I've also slowed down, that seems like forever. By the time we play our annual post-Thanksgiving concert at the Freight, I intend to have at least a handful of songs ready to premier that night, the thought of which fills my insides with butterflies.”

We certainly look forward to hearing Laurie’s new songs.   To read all of Laurie’s newsletter, click here.

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