Layne Publications Lures Closet PIckers Out with New Bluegrass TABS

Image634889930417262560Layne Publications announces the release of hundreds of bluegrass banjo tabs, guitar and mandolin tabs. With exclusive recordings these TABs are not merely the notes on the paper.

If you’re not quite ready for purchasing tablature, the site also offers some free TABS.  

exclusive free songs.

They also include two professionally recorded MP3's as well as chord charts for each song. With arrangements for an entire bluegrass band these TABs are available for guitar, mandolin and banjo.

With tabs ranging from traditional bluegrass to show tunes there's sure to be something here for everyone. With Christmas right around the corner there is also a great selection of Christmas Banjo tabs at  as well as Christmas tabs for the Guitar and Mandolin.

With each and every song tabbed by hand and every instrument recorded by Jordan Layne Bourland visitors are sure to receive professional quality instruction from the comfort of their own home. Jordan has played with the best in the business and is now looking to pass this education on to others throughout the internet. About Layne Publications

Since 2005 Layne Publications has been the premier source for Bluegrass Instruction and learning, selling thousands of tabs and helping thousands of players improve their ability in the comfort of their own home. They can then take this new skill out to their local bluegrass jam session or to the next practice with their band and show off what they've learned. It gives them the chance to practice things at home without the pressure of getting it right the first time. They can take their time. Stop, rewind and continue going over that trouble spot without the bass player standing there giving them the evil eye because he wants to move on to the next song.

Visit Layne Publications at http://www.laynepublications.com/

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