Monroe Crossing Releases #13

Image634897979788212263Michigan’s Monroe Crossing announces the release of their latest recording, "The Road Has No End."  A collection of primarily original numbers, "The Road Has No End" marks the 13th release by Monroe Crossing. 

The CD features nine band originals and some very cool covers. Inspired by the group’s travels, the songs on "The Road Has No End" reads like a journal but not necessarily theirs. The band assures us that none of them have been "Doing My Time" or "working for the F.B.I."

This recording does, however, capture the fun of traveling with the current lineup of the band. Derek and David have brought new energy and excitement to Monroe Crossing and Lisa has been on a song writing spree. With the new sound comes some new instruments, this is Monroe Crossing’s first record to include resophonic guitar and harmonica played by David.

The band’s website offers the lyrics for the original songs. "Cicada" is a Lisa penned instrumental based on the rhythms of the summer bugs so there are no lyrics there. Not a stranger to bluegrassing pop tunes, "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" is a Monroe Crossing version of the well loved Hollies song. "Foggy River," "Last Letter Home" and "Doing My Time" are band favorites in the world of Bluegrass and help show their roots.  "Hobos in the Roundhouse," is a song by Bill Isles who wrote the song in honor of his grandfather who had "Hobos sleeping in the roundhouse tonight."

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