Museum Radio Changes Programming Lineup

RBIThe International Bluegrass Music Museum’s Radio (RBI) staff have been busy in the last few days mixing up the programming. 

The Prescription Bluegrass radio show which has been heard on Wednesdays at noon CT for the last several years was not heard yesterday and our email inbox was crowded with the “WHYS” and “WHAT GIVES” questions.  Prescription Bluegrass apologizes to those listeners who tuned in at the normal time and were not able to hear the show. The museum did not inform us of the change before it occurred.

We talked with the museum’s Danny Clark who explained that yesterday was just a test but that very soon, all of their special programs would be coming on at different than normal times.   Clark explained that they were looking at a 9am and 9pm consistency pattern for all of the programs that RBI adds into their mix of non-stop bluegrass music 24 hours a day.  Clark also said that the staff was working hard to maximize the listenership by upgrading the audio players especially for folks who like to listen on mobile devices

Later in the day we then got the schedule from the station’s Derik Hancock.


Blue Side of Town – Mondays at 9am & 9pm

Classic Banks of the Ohio – Tuesdays at 9am & 9pm

Prescription Bluegrass – Wednesday at 9am & 9pm

Bluegrass Review – Thursdays at 9am & 9pm

BOB: Best of Bluegrass – Fridays at 9am & 9pm/Sunday at 12pm/Monday at 12am

The Tim White Show – Saturdays at 9am & 9pm

Ole Hippie – Sundays at 9am & 9pm

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