New Digital “TIP JAR” From TweelX

Image634890022573783117TweelX, a new innovative publishing company for songwriters, anchored by country singer Ty Bates, songwriters Jim Reilley and Stephanie Quayle has just debuted their latest techno gadget for songwriters and performers.

It was standing room only  when friends and supporters of TweelX came together at Nashville's Douglas Corner November 8 to celebrate the company’s latest innovation from - a “Digital Tip Jar,” which uses mobile technology to allow a digital cash tip for writers by visiting tweelx.com on their smart phone.
"This can also be a form of crowd funding to help artists fund their projects," said TweelX’s Jeff Tweel, "and a way to show their appreciation to the artist for allowing free streaming of their songs."

Audience members were alerted to the fact that TweelX is changing the traditional model for publishing by acting as a "stock exchange" in music, and, through the use of digital technology, is becoming a powerful tool for artists and writers  to achieve career breakthroughs while monetizing their music in revolutionary ways.

For more information: tweelx.com
Source: Press Release

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