The End of the Road for New Found Road

Image634883910192226702Well, it won’t be immediate so NFR fans can relax a bit but changes are in the works and Tim Shelton predicts that by the time we all see the year 2014 we won’t be seeing New Found Road any longer.
….past 2013, I’m pretty sure NFR won’t be around. I feel its time to move on to other things.”
In a posting on his Facebook page, Tim Shelton explains that the Booher brothers (Jamey on bass and Joe on mandolin) will be leaving at the end of this year.   It’s not a dramatic breakup of band partners – just that the brothers just wish to be off the road.  Shelton says they remain as friends.

New roads for Shelton include some non-bluegrass avenues.  He’ll be playing some dates in 2013 without the NFR band and has already recorded some new music that would be a real stretch to label as “bluegrass.”

Shelton also says that he thanks his supporters for the last 10 years and hopes they’ll continue to be around in the next 10 and beyond.

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