Bluegrass Community Called to Help Now Before it’s Too Late

Image634915982260670105Joe Vazquez, a reporter from CBS 5 TV in San Francisco alerted us to a story that needs your attention.  This is real and it’s happening right now.  One of our own needs help. Robert Earl Davis, of the Earl Brothers bluegrass band, and a Viet Nam Vet is about to be homeless.  What can we do about it?

Watch the video report from Joe then if you have a way to help, leave us a comment in the section provided below this post.  We’ll make sure to get the message relayed as quickly as possible.

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Anonymous said...

A different version of Catch-22. Both sides of this story are easy to understand. As all politics is local, it would seem that the local governing bodies need to quickly get it together and take the action necessary to get this resolved. A booming economy would resolve this issue but that would actually require Congress to take a common sense approach to governing our beloved USA. The same USA that this Vietnam Veteran defended at the risk of life and limb. Welcome Home and Thank You for your service. No "Happy Holiday" here.