Commandment V Halts Concert Series

Image634899389112711013Citing poor ticket sales and a lack of consistent sponsors during the past year, Kelly Bozeman of Commandment V in Lake Park, Florida, announced the discontinuation of their bluegrass concert series.

In the message that Kelly sent, there was a glimmer of hope that a renewed concert series could be possible if sponsors come forward in 2013.

It is with a heavy heart that we are forced to discontinue the Bluegrass Concert Series due to poor ticket sales and the lack of consistent and viable sponsors throughout the past year.

I want to personally thank all of you for your continued support and thoughtful encouragement.
We want you to know that we are NOT giving up and we will continue to reach out to bluegrass fans like you in hopes of generating a renewed and invigorated spirit with the coming new year.

Thanks for the great memories in 2012 and we'll see you again in 2013!
Here's wishing you a blessed Christmas... Happy New Year!

Take care everyone....and if interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to learn more about how you can help, please fill out our contact form at http://commandmentv.org or contact me directly.

Best regards,

Kelly Bozeman
Commandment V
Ph: (561) 744-1760

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