Doctor Crowe Still Wants To Be Called “J.D.”


Image634916834007751752J.D. Crowe receives honorary degree

J.D. Crowe received an honorary doctorate as part of the University of Kentucky's December commencement on Friday this week (December 14th).   The degree was presented at the UK Memorial Coliseum.

Crowe has had a 6-decade long career as a bluegrass musician and banjo picker extraordinaire from his days with Jimmy Martin through his final performance before retirement this coming Saturday leading his band, The New South. 

He’ll be retiring from the touring but not necessarily from all musical endeavors. Crowe told the Lexington Herald Leader that calling him “Doctor” would surely tick him off.  He said that title is for someone with a real doctorate but not an honorary title.  Still he’s thrilled with the degree saying that of all the accolades he’s received it is right up at the top.

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