Doyle Lawson Will Record A Special Video Just For You

Image634909284817120426…If your name is selected as the winner in Doyle’s IBMAD Celebration.  IBMAD is the acronym for International Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day and Doyle may just take the prize for coming up with the most unique and fun way to celebrate this special day

What is YOUR FAVORITE song by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver?

In honor of International Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day, Doyle wants to know which of his songs is YOUR favorite!

Doyle will pick a winner from your requests, and he’ll make a video of Doyle and the boys performing the song just for you!

He’ll post the video this weekend, so let us know now what your favorite song is today!

Comment  on Doyle’s webpage…   and tell him what you want he and the boys to sing for you!

Submit your song request in before @ 4:00 pm ET tomorrow (Thursday), and then Doyle will pick a WINNER!!

Happy Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day, and kudos to the day’s founder, banjo player Lee Marcus!

Get your votes in now, folks, for YOUR FAVORITE SONG!

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