First International Bluegrass Appreciation Day Launches Huge!

Image634907553350958172It may have started out as just an idea in one man’s mind but isn’t that were all things great begin?   In this case, it was a whirlwind grass-roots momentum.  Once the idea was made public, it was a no-brainer as they say.  It had all the earmarks of something that not only needed to happen but something that was long overdue.

Lee Marcus, banjo picker and award winning songwriter conceived the day and then set about getting others to think along the same lines.  He established a world-wide Facebook Page and began inviting all of his friends and contacts to join in with him.

Media picked up on the concept and helped to fuel the flames of creation and one by one, new little twists and ways to celebrate became known through various means, including international recognition from the European Bluegrass Blog and the Australian Bluegrass Blog.

This first International Bluegrass Day is here to set the standard for years to come and we fully believe that future events will be even bigger and better with each succeeding year.

This year, here are just a few of the plans and ideas being shared for celebration.

Image634907545186301180Janice Brooks, Host of Bus of Real Country: “…We start with our current Bluegrass Hour 11 pm Tuesday evening. Regular programing will be all bluegrass from 12 to 11am. 11am Current Bluegrass Hour 12pm a 2008 interview with Dailey and Vincent. 1 to 9pm Bluegrass Programing 9pm rerun Dailey and Vincent interview 10pm Del McCoury Blue Side of Town 11pm Classic Bluegrass hour.

Image634907546130615192Not to be outdone with a one-hour jump on the day, Tracy Hostetler, another DJ said that since her show is on Mondays only, she’ll actually get a two-day head start …”spreading the word about this event and playing bluegrass on WSLR and streaming live at http://www.wslr.org/.

Spotlight Magazine created a special page just for bluegrassers to post their events and music absolutely free of charge at: www.spotlightmagazine.org

Image634907535414942291Kevin Richardson & Cuttin Edge: “…still trying to learn all those great Tony Rice licks."  


Image634907534720702582Mountain Faith: …"Each member of Mountain Faith will post their favorite Bluegrass song from YouTube!"

Image634907533685633380Jim VanCleve of Mountain Heart: “…"I can't wait for this long overdue holiday. We've already made big plans. My whole family is coming in, and we're going to all wear our most beloved festival t-shirts, exchange Scruggs licks, and even roast a banjo over an open pit. Mmmmm!"  

Image634907538768944129Rebekah Long: “…It's full steam ahead finishing up the final details for the biggest release on the Daughters Of Bluegrass box set, PICKIN' LIKE A GIRL!" 


Donna Ulisse: “…I will be bringing Miss Molly Dawg to the Vet for her big operation to heal her boo boo leg and comforting Miss Ten Brooks who will be a worried wreck over her sidekick and partner in dog crime. Perhaps all this will also inspire a song...writing most assuredly comforts me!"  

Image634907541371212970Marty Raybon: “…  What a wonderful way to spend this day of appreciation in the studio working and creating more of the music we've all loved for so long. Long live Bluegrass music and appreciation for it!"  

Image634907542151927624Dennis Jones, host of WNCW's "Goin' Across the Mountain" & "The Gospel Truth" “…I'll be listening to The Original Blue Grass Band 1946/1947 Sessions also Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and The Foggy Mountain Boys 1948/1950 Mercury Sessions. I'll be thinking a lot about "The Last of The First" who went Home this year, Earl Eugene Scruggs. The man who when he stepped on stage at The Ryman changed music forever."  

Image634907543507105136Eric Gibson of The Gibson Brothers: “… I will be on my way home from Nashville after recording a new Bluegrass CD, listening to rough mixes of our work. Maybe I'll pop the Flatt & Scruggs Live at Carnegie Hall album into the CD player to remember why I fell in love with the music in the first place!" 

Image634908271640411979The big news of the day is that Lee Marcus himself chose this special day to make good on a promise from over a year ago. At the time of his first solo release, “Grandpa’s Pond”, Lee announced that a portion of the proceeds from sales of every CD would go to  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Today he’s making his first $1000.00 donation.  “The reasoning behind this is not anything really deep and poetic. I’ve lost many loved ones to cancer and I have a special place in my heart for all children. $1,000 isn’t an epic donation, but every little bit helps and I want to be able to say that I did the best I could.”

Many more ideas and special ways to celebrate and observe this holiday are bound to happen. We just don’t know about them yet.  So whatever you do, stop by the special dedicated page and post a note and/or even better post some pics along with a short note about what you did.   Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/BluegrassAppreciationDay

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