Pandolfi Solo Project & Cool Camera Giveaway Combo

Image634902203829714883According to Infamous Stringduster Chris Pandolfi, he’s combating consumerism with a sale of his own.

But his product is all-American, created right here in his American brain and recorded at his old American house in TN, no genetic modification, no child labor,  just original music and homegrown yuletide cheer.

You also get a chance to win what he thinks is the best small HD video camera out there–the GoPro HERO 2, and he should know the Dusters have been using them to record a lot of their videos lately.        


Check out this Stringduster action live from backstage, side stage, in their face and at times it looks like you’re on stage and could be picking right there with them – all shot with the GoPro HERO 2.

Everyone who orders before next weekend (Sun 12/9) will be entered to win one HERO 2 with case and mounting accessories.

$10 per disc, $5 for each additional copy (includes shipping) is a steal for original music. The camera is gravy. Signatures and stickers and stuff–they will be in there too, no matter what.

Chris says he’s really proud of his new album, Looking Glass. He wrote all the music and produced/engineered the record at his old home studio along with his favorite acoustic players, including Matt Flinner, Stuart Duncan, Chris Eldridge, Byron House, the Dusters and more.

As for the cameras, it’s easy to see that Chris is in love with GoPro cameras…. “one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the internet.”

Email Chris to get involved (pandolfi.chris (at) gmail.com). You can pay by check or paypal, $10 (shipping included) for the first disc, $5 for each additional.  But he must have your payment by 12/9 for you to be involved in the HERO 2 giveaway.

Every disc you order gets you another shot at the camera. He’ll pick the winner on 12/10, and send out any remaining discs as well as the grand prize the next day. So everything will be there before Santa arrives.

This camera may or may not have some tasty old Stringdusters footage on it as well. The extras just keep coming…

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