Top Bluegrass News Stories of 2012

Image634925376972421484This year’s report of the most read stories on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog could almost be an exact duplicate of the story we posted last year.   If it weren’t for a slight change in the bottom five, the top ten would look identical.

The other amazing statistic that jumps out at us is our number 10 spot.  A guest-blogger article we posted just this month has racked up enough individual readers to land in the top ten in only 2 weeks.  RPR Media’s Brandy Reed’s “10 Points About Promotion” that we posted on December 12th is that story and it’s very gratifying to know that a lot of readers want that type of information.  We plan on a lot more in that category in 2013.

The only other story actually posted in 2012 to make the top ten this year came from early March when Donna Ulisse asked for a SELL-OUT for a Phil Leadbetter Benefit.   Phil had been undergoing several extensive and quite expensive medical treatments as he battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  We’re proud to say that since that time Phil has been pronounced cancer-free and is doing well.  Donna’s story came in at number 7 this year in the top ten list.

Five different stories about bluegrass legends who passed away or were gravely ill – the same five from last year – once again made the top ten list this year.  What surprises us greatly about that statistic is that 2012 was a year that saw more than it’s share of bluegrass pioneers passing yet not one of those stories from 2012 entered into the ten most read stories of the year.

Again, like last year, readers are fascinated with Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.  Two different stories landed in the number 3 and number 4 slots.  Number 4 Me And Paul Revere - New Song From Steve Martin was about a song that Martin had written for a special command performance by the White House for the 2011 July 4th Celebration on the Washington Mall.   And number 3 was more about a PBS documentary on the Banjo but our head line said:  Steve Martin to Narrate Banjo Film on PBS!

The story in the number 2 position again was the obituary for Harley Allen who died at age 55 on March 30th, 2011.

The great Hazel Dickens remains the subject of which Prescription Bluegrass Blog readers can’t get enough.  The wonderfully written eulogy “Oh Hazel” by Dry Branch Fire Squad’s Ron Thomason continues to lead all when it comes to new readers discovering our blog.

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