TweelX Offers Opportunity to Invest In Song Royalties


     With its digital publishing and music stock trading platform, TweelX is changing the game in the Music Business.

     When a song is published through its digital execution process, investors can access the platform to buy up to five shares in the copyright - each share being worth 5% of the song's royalty stream.

     Last month, innovative publishing company and music stock exchange, TweelX, celebrated its launch with a writers' showcase that electrified a standing-room-only crowd at Douglas Corner in Nashville, TN. TweelX will host another showcase on Wednesday, December 19, at Douglas Corner at 6 PM.

        Not only does the TweelX stock exchange give industry decision makers an easy gateway to participate in the publishing revenues of songs they may exploit, it also allows non-industry investors and fans to help finance projects for TweelX writers and artists such as demo production, promotion, and touring, all of which increase the  competitiveness and value of the songs on its catalog.  In this sense, TweelX is like Kickstarter except fan-investors receive stock in return if their capital contribution instead of mere goodwill.

    Again, the stock is tied to a fixed percentage of the song's royalty performance  and may be sold at a gain or loss to accredited investors after a 12 month holding period required by law. However, of the 5 shares in each song, at least one share will be held on reserve for qualified investors in the entertainment industry.  This is because the company's chief exploitative strategy is to sell publishing stock to industry decision makers who are in a position to spark the song's royalty activity.

    Company President Jeff Tweel says "we actually envision this showcase, as well as any subsequent live performance by any TweelX artist anywhere, to be an opportunity to promote and sell their 'stock' right on the spot - it's pretty exciting." In fact, says Tweel, associates will be available to provide help to fans if necessary who may want to do this at the showcase.”

    The December 19 in-the-round-style event will feature Jason Shain, Summer Hartbauer and Dennis Ongkiko.