Dr. Banjo’s Jam Tip #3. Bluegrass Is A Team Sport!

DR BANJO'S JAM TIPS 2Dr. Banjo’s Jam Tips are offered each week to help people learn and/or improve their instrument, bluegrass and musical skills.

Whether you are new to your instrument or bluegrass music or at the highest level of professional playing there will be something for you.

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DR. BANJO’S JAM TIP #3. Bluegrass is a team sport!

-- So get on a team, even a small, slow one! What if a person says they love baseball and play 2nd base, and you asked what team they play on and they said "I don't play on a team... I just go to 2nd base class and a batting cage." Wouldn't you wonder? Like baseball, bluegrass means being on a team.

Image634926215842332098Yes, you can have fun playing by yourself, but it all takes shape and means the most when you are part of a functioning group.

That's why I say, people who want to play bluegrass can and should get jamming as soon as they know three chords: G, C, and D -- and for playing in D, one more: A. Find out more here.


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