New Booking And Management Company from Two Cumberland River Boys

Image634940936717044021Rock House Entertainment is a new entertainment company started by Joey Jones and Jamie Dean of the bluegrass band Cumberland River.

Rock House will offer their clients Booking, Management, and Publicity services for Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel Bands as well as music venues and festivals.

On The RHE Roster:

Image634940937424414480RAISIN' CAIN

Raisin’ Cain is a new traditional bluegrass band from the Tri-Cities area of Virginia and Tennessee. This band is just starting to get their name out and is getting great reviews from their live shows. They plan to get in the studio later this year to start work on the band’s first album. 

Image634940937907882133THE VELVET BLUE

The Velvet Blue is a band that has been making a lot of noise in the bluegrass scene across the state of Kentucky. Hailing from Central Kentucky, TVB has a sound and style that is all their own.

With their smooth driving, melodies to their tight harmonies.  The band is in the studio working on their debut album which is being produced by award winning singer, songwriter, and producer Steve Gulley. The new album is set to release in the spring of this year

Image634940938510476599LAUREL RIVER LINE

"Laurel River Line combines four-part vocal talent with hard driving instrumentation to deliver a mash up
of bluegrass, gospel, and old-time traditions that is highly competitive in today's market."

Originating in London, Kentucky in mid 2007, LRL began as a traditional gospel/bluegrass band formerly known as The Gospel Tradition. After playing locally in the community for several years, the band later changed their name to Laurel River Line. With various changes happening throughout the group, it was certain that founding members Matt Kirby and Matt Scarbrough wanted to ensure that the band carried through.

Co-founding members Matt K. & Matt S. helped shield the group from destruction and began to set goals to achieve in this tough industry. Alongside one another, the "Matt's" continued to share a passion for success. With their skilled drive and complimentary vocal abilities they set their standards high, which has ultimately led the group to its triumph.

Guitarist, Matt K. provides the group with a unique and original flavor with his songwriting abilities, noting that multiple tracks on the bands first album were written by him along with former banjo player, Justin Baker. Mandolin player, Matt S. delivers high tenor passionate vocals and mandolin breaks that set the group on a platform above many in the local market.

In 2011, LRL hit the scene with new members including current bass player, Brian Davidson. Brian brings to the group an energy packed bass drive that sets the skill of this band on high. While the group continued to grow vocally and instrumentally, they began work on their first album with the help of a very talented producer by the name of Randy Jones. Within just a few short months the band was on their way to releasing an interesting blend of high energy talent to bluegrass fans.

In 2012, the band released their debut album "Ridin' The Line", alongside a very distinguished banjo player named Malachi Smith. Malachi joined the band and brought a variety of experience and drive, helping the band define their style into what they've coined today as "mash".

Image634940938981353532CUMBERLAND RIVER

Cumberland River’s roots have run deep in Harlan County Kentucky hills for generations, so it is no surprise fans can hear the heritage of traditional bluegrass in their music. Their new album, THE LIVE WE LIVE was released in July 2011 on Rural Rhythm Records and certainly showcases the incredible songwriting talents of this hot young group with all five band members contributing to this impressive first national release.

The band actually began in 2009 and early on, they decided they would have to write their own material to ensure their music would appeal to both the younger generation as well as the fans of more traditional, bluegrass music. As evidenced by recent reviews from media and radio, plus their growing number of loyal fans, they have certainly accomplished that goal.

In July 29, 2010, Cumberland River was invited to perform for the writers and producers of the FX Network’s TV show, JUSTIFIED while they were in Harlan gathering information for their upcoming season. With only 24 hours notice, the band got together and wrote a song, “Justified” as a gift to the show. They received a standing ovation from the writers and producers, including Graham Yost, the multi-award winning writer and producer. Cumberland River added the song to their debut album, ROCK ISLAND EXPRESS released September 3, 2010 and a newly cut version appears as a bonus track on their new album.

TV viewer’s got a taste of Cumberland River’s music in the opening scene of the March 2, 2011 JUSTIFIED episode, “For Blood or Money,” when they heard the band performing an instrumental version of their original song “Justified” during the opening scene. On the April 6, 2011 episode, viewers got a full dose when fans could hear the band performing five more of their songs during the first 30 minutes. During that time frame, the show was averaging 3.9 million total viewers on the first run of Season Two with a multi-run weekly average of 7.2 million total viewers and gaining fans every week. Bluegrass music is alive and well on national TV!

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