Rebel Records says Happy Anniversary to Big Country Bluegrass


Look for a new recording in Spring 2013.

This month marks the 26th year since Big Country Bluegrass formed back in 1987.

Tommy and Teresa Sells still head up the group, and their music has spread from the Virginia-Carolina Blue Ridge to bluegrass fans all over the world. Since winning the Martha White Theme Contest and appearing on the Grand Ole Opry in 1999, the band's popularity has been on the rise.

Their recent success on both the Bluegrass Unlimited and the Bluegrass Music Profiles' radio air-play charts, first with "High Alleghenies" and most recently with their # 1 hit, "The Boys in Hats & Ties", highlight some of the recognition they have received by the bluegrass community and has helped spread the word about their traditional sound.

Tommy and Teresa formed Big Country Bluegrass in the late 1980s, and the group's name comes from the classic instrumental "Big Country" that the late Jimmy Martin recorded many years ago.  Big Country Bluegrass delivers their own hard driving and heartfelt style of bluegrass music, and it makes them crowd favorites wherever they perform.  Whether it's at a festival in Missouri, on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, or at a small intimate concert in their hometown of Independence VA, the band brings back memories reminiscent of the early days of bluegrass music.Their music reflects much of the deep musical heritage found in this region which is at the heart of the Crooked Road Music Trail.

THE BAND:  Tommy plays mandolin and does most of the emcee work while Teresa plays rhythm guitar, sings lead and the high harmony vocals. Eddie Gill handles most of the distinctive lead vocals and plays the guitar.  Lynwood Lunsford, a former member of both Lost and Found and Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys, plays banjo and also sings harmony for the group.  Tony King of Galax VA, plays the acoustic upright bass. And bluegrass veteran Tim Laughlin, of Bristol TN, the newest

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