Scott Ray–Son of Cedar Hill’s Frank Ray–Passes


We are saddened to report the death of Frank Ray’s son, Scott.  The following was written by Frank.

Dear friends & family, I need to say I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of warm, thoughtful, loving kindness that has been expressed to my family and I this week during the loss of my Son Scott. Thank you so much.

I am even more overwhelmed at the huge number of folks that have given testimony to the wonderful way's they were personally touched, helped, or encouraged by knowing my amazing Son Scott.

At 39 years old, he passed at 6:39 PM Wednesday Jan 9, 2013. That is when he was removed from life support, however, he was gone Monday Jan. 7. He was in my arms when he spoke his last words and within just a few minutes his heart stopped beating for what would be the last time of his life. His heart had stopped no less than 5 times in the last decade & he had been successfully shocked back. But this time was different. Even though the paramedics were there, I knew in my spirit, this time was different. He had ask to be sat up, I raised him up and he said, "thank you Daddy, that feels good". He then turned his face to mine and said, "I love you Daddy". Those were the last words he would speak as if to say, I am leaving now.

Just a little earlier he had told his wife Holly that he loved her as well. He then gave up his Spirit. "To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord". Hallelujah!

You see, my Son was my hero. He had suffered serious life threatening afflictions from just a few years old and lived with many different afflictions over the years that caused more pain than anyone would know, because he refused to complain. He would not bother others with his problems and never liked his loved ones to worry about him. Even in the last decade or so when he had gotten to ill to work, anyone who ever ask him, "how ya doin Scott", would hear something like, "I'm doing good Buddy, how are you doing". Then he would flash a beautiful smile and offer a kind word. That was Scott!!!

In no way is my heart troubled but I hafta say, my heart hurts worse than it ever has because I have lost one of the best gifts I have ever been given. But he has definitely earned a beautiful rest in The bosom of God. He is walking straight and fast with no pain, he is in a place where finally everyone shares the wonderful joyous attitude he always displayed while here on this earth.

He has been a blessing to so many that knew him, he will now be blessed every minute of an eternity in heaven.

He taught me life can be very difficult and hold some real hardships sometimes and when it does, you have a choice to make. You choose either to be a victim of that hardship or an overcomer and find the value in the lesson that hardship holds. He never once chose to be a victim. Because of the hardships he was dealt, he recognized the value in every minute of life.

There is so much more I would like to write, but let me say again, he was my hero and as my youngest Son said, I am going to work really hard to put into practice the lessons learned from my son Scott.

In the words of one of his friends that sent me an e-mail, "I never knew anyone who endured more, complained less, smiled bigger, or laughed harder than my friend Scott Ray". Thank you God for blessing us with Scotty.

Funeral services for Scott Ray were held  yesterday at 11 AM. Now remember Scott as you go out, don't complain, but give away your smiles, share a kind, encouraging word, and laugh with them. Remember, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so brighten someone's life today. That is more important than whatever else your filling your time with. I promise to work harder at it Son, thanks for being the amazing example you were, you sure brightened my life. I love you Son.

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niall toner said...

Scott Ray, R.I.P. form an Irish admirer.