12 Guitars – 12 Gospel Favorites from Carl Jackson

Image634972212513506871Voxhall Records has released a new project on multiple Grammy award winning artist Carl Jackson. 

Grace Notes, produced by Carl Jackson and Jimmy Metts, is a guitar instrumental collection that includes 12 Gospel favorites, such as How Great Thou Art, I'll Fly Away, Whispering Hope, and The Old Rugged Cross.

Each song is performed on a different guitar for which Carl has some special fondness, many of them vintage or antique instruments.

The CD is being released in both a standard edition and Artist Special Edition, with the difference being additional audio for the Artist Special Edition in which Carl talks about each of the guitars in turn prior to the track on which they are played. Each edition includes expanded liner notes.

The physical album, is now available for purchase at CDBaby and the digital version can be purchased at iTunes.


Cali said...

Couldn't find the album at either CDBaby or iTunes. Hope it'll be coming soon.

Prescription Bluegrass Blog said...

Hi Cali, thanks for the comment. Did you click on the hyperlink "CDBaby" in the next to last line of text. On some browsers it doesn't show up as a different colored text indicating a possible link. If not...here's the actual link to check out: http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/Y2FybCBqYWNrc29uIGdyYWNlIG5vdGVz/0/%40Genre%3dCountry/%40Subgenre%3dBluegrass