Ireland’s Niall Toner Band Still On Top of Airplay Direct Charts.

Image634961862951644085Airplay Direct is one of the premier services musicians can use to distribute their music to radio stations world-wide for airplay consideration.  

Additional benefits to the artists come in the form of data tracking. 

Such is the case indeed for Ireland’s Niall Toner who sent us a note to alert us to this fact:  The Niall Toner Band’s latest recording, ONWARDS and UPWARDS is holding down the number one spot among all of the CDs ALL-TIME download statistics from the service  on their Bluegrass/Folk Chart.

This is not the first time this has happened for the popular Irish band.  Almost exactly two years ago we published a very similar story. See: Irish Bluegrass Band Reaches No. 1 on Radio Downloads and again this past December we published a story about Niall and the band reaching the top spot just a few weeks after the album’s release. See: Irish Bluegrass Band Reaches No. 1 on Radio Downloads.

Niall’s note to us indicates a surge in the download activity immediately after a favorable review of the CD appeared in the UK’s Maverick Magazine, saying, “the Maverick Magazine Review has caused a flurry,” and he sent us a scanned image of the review.


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