The Fight Continues over Use of Bill Monroe’s Name

Image634967670221148572Just when one might think it’s all over the the two parties can officially settle their differences and move on, the beast rears it’s ugly head again.   It seems the long-running battle over the legal use of the Father of Bluegrass’ name and likeness to promote an annual festival in Kentucky is still engaged.

Just last month we reported  here on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog that a Kentucky Appeals court had ruled in favor of Campbell Mercer and the Jerusalem Ridge Foundation who want to use Monroe’s name to promote the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Festival and run the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Music Foundation, an organization that is restoring Monroe’s home site in Rosine Kentucky in the form of a memorial park.

Today a Kentucky newspaper is reporting that the Ohio (KY) county Industrial Foundation has filed a petition with the Kentucky Court of Appeals seeking a rehearing on whether the non-profit Jerusalem Ridge Foundation can use Monroe’s name to promote the festival and tours of the home.

Mercer said that he hopes the organization will be able to use Monroe’s name during this year’s Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration. He also released a prepared statement saying that the appeals court “has already issued a thorough explanation of why it believes the Foundation is the legal holder of the Bill Monroe name and intellectual properties,” but he added that he respects their right to petition for a review.

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