Top 100 Bluegrass CDs According to Roots Airplay Statistics

Image634967047365693278Roots Music Report has tabulated the most airplay CDs in Bluegrass and other Roots oriented genres according to their reporting radio stations for the past year and the results in bluegrass are somewhat surprising. 

Of course one has to take into consideration that albums that were not released early in the year did not have an equal footing for nothing other than the sake of time.  However it is surprising and enlightening to see that several albums that were released in the final months of the year actually made respectable showings on the top 100 list in spite of their late-comer status.

The Roots Music Report Charts are compiled from reported radio airplay data or the actual number of spins a tune received during the calendar year.  The Roots Music Report also suggests to artists that receive airplay but may not appear on this chart to request the stations playing the music report to the RMR online Database.  Radio stations who want to sign up to become reporting stations and artists/managers who want info on the reporting stations can do so here.



The Roots Music Report is the number one independent music chart in the world compiling radio airplay data from radio stations around the globe that play all forms of roots music, so that each week you can see which independent artists are being played the most by what stations

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