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To listen to Jim Hurst is to be amazed by his tasteful and flawless performances. Perfect timing and tone and his unusual picking style has enchanted guitar players from the novice to his peers.

Jim’s guitar work and harmony vocals for Holly Dunn’s Rio Band brought his talent to both the national and international stage. Then in 1992, going electric, he played guitar with Trisha Yearwood, touring extensively and appearing on numerous radio and television shows. He also performed with Sara Evans, whose 1998 RCA release No Place That Far features Jim’s vocals and acoustic guitar work.

Craving to play more bluegrass, Jim joined Grammy-nominated Claire Lynch and The Front Porch String Band in 1995, during which time he teamed up with bassist Missy Raines. They began the duet Jim Hurst and Missy Raines while with Front Porch, but then broke off in 2000 to focus solely on their collaboration. Remaining faithful to their bluegrass roots, Jim and Missy explored other genres creating ground-breaking arrangements that wowed the bluegrass community. Their partnership resulted in two Pinecastle Records, Two and Synergy , receiving critical acclaim and garnering them IBMA Guitar and Bass Player of the Year for 2001 and 2002.

Jim left the Claire Lynch Band in 2010 to embark on a solo career. Already seasoned with three solo recordings, Open Window, Second Son, A Box of Chocolates, his latest 2012 release, Intrepid, exhibits his deft guitar work and soothing vocals. His shows meet with rave reviews as he astounds his audiences with his brilliant playing yet makes people feel right at home with his humble congenial and funny persona.

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