Wrecked Fretts Get National Exposure From New Promotion Company

Image634962801812465279The Wrecked Fretts will move into Deep Creek Promotions as the latest band on the roster.

John Lockaby, co-owner of Deep River, said “The moment that I was introduced to this band, I knew they had something different than most bluegrass bands, but it was still bluegrass. I felt like our plate was full with the bands that we already have on board, but could not pass on the opportunity that this band brings to our family. Take a listen and I believe you will agree.”   [VIDEO included with Post]**********

Located in Western North Carolina, Wrecked Fretts is a band of great friends from various different regional groups. Band members include: Shane Lail-guitar,vocals; Chevy Watson-guitar,mandolin,vocals; George Giddens-fiddle,vocals; David Hevner-mandolin,vocals; Roger Holland-banjo,vocals; Paul Watson-bass,vocals;

Deep Creek Promotions is a promotional and developing business, set in place by Deep River Management, to take lesser known bands and help them gain the much needed exposure and contacts that is needed to be successful.

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