Aaron Ramsey Releases First Solo CD Since Joining Mountain Heart

Image634978970164776081Aaron Ramsey, the mandolinist for Mountain Heart has recently released a new solo album featuring Tony Rice, Stuart Duncan, Ron Block, Tim Stafford and many more.

The album has a mixture of original songs by Aaron's father and friends and well known bluegrass tunes such as "Fare the Well" and "One Tear." 

Artists Performing on Aaron's solo album "Gathering" include: Barry Abernathy, David Babb, Ron Block, Tim Crouch, Stuart Duncan, Randy Kohrs, Colby Laney, Jason Moore, Jeff Partin, Tony Rice, Brian Rittenberry, Josh Shilling, Tim Stafford, Brian Stephens.

Gathering serves as the perfect name for Aaron’s project, as it brings together people, songs, and the drive that fans know and love as Bluegrass Music. In his own words, Aaron shares:

“It’s a gathering of a lot of the people that have made me love bluegrass music and allowed me to have my own identity as an artist. Tony Rice’s Cold on the Shoulder recording was my inspiration and is the spirit of this record. I am really glad to get it out there and let people listen to it. I hope you all enjoy it.”

Aaron Ramsey is no stranger to the bluegrass music scene, having won the Merlefest Mandolin Competition, played with Randy Kohrs, and accompanied various gospel groups in Western North Carolina before landing his role as the mandolin player for Mountain Heart.

Aaron is a solid bass player, dobro, guitar, and banjo player but his dedication to the mandolin is evident in his sophomore solo release, "Gathering."

Gathering offers a glimpse into what Aaron has to offer the bluegrass world and is a fine example of the drive, soul, and serious artistry the genre is known for today. Offering songs for Sunday mornings and songs for firesides, "Gathering" is what the best of 3am jam sessions and festivals leave lingering in the minds of fans and keeps them wanting more.

"He has his own musical identity, and that's something that is very rare.  I can’t say enough- he’s just such a good musician. There’s not a word in the English dictionary to describe how unique and good he is. Once every maybe 20 or 30 years there is a musician as good as Aaron that comes along, but it’s very rare. Aaron is not only a master of his craft but he has his own musical identity. – Tony Rice

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