Big Changes at Bluegrass Museum Radio

Image634980716372015589Listeners to the popular RBI (Radio Bluegrass International) the radio arm of the International Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro, KY may have noticed some changes.

No formal announcement was made but Prescription Bluegrass was notified by museum director Gabrielle Gray that RBI “…will be on hiatus for a while, at least until we get into the new museum.”  

She also said that program host, “Bob Mitchell has volunteered to produce a one-hour show on behalf of the museum, including museum news each week. That will be our only radio programming for at least a couple years.”

The radio station’s web page now directs listeners to the various websites for those specialty programs that formerly were broadcast over the station and offers a hint of a return of the radio station once the new International Bluegrass Music Center Opens.

Danny Clark who programmed the station’s music in addition to serving as the museum’s Marketing Director has given his notice but no mention of his future plans.

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Anonymous said...

That's too bad. RBI was cool.