Bus Honors Memory of Earl Scruggs

Image635001358312282153When Don Clark first heard the sound of the banjo as a kid, he instantly fell in love with it and began his life-long passion.

Not only did he learn to play the banjo, but he also started collecting bluegrass and country music memorabilia.

It’s hard to believe that it has now been over a year since my hero Earl Scruggs passed away. This video was done to honor the legendary banjo player who inspired me to create The Bluegrass Bus Museum. I first heard bluegrass music when I was a young child growing up near Los Angeles, like so many people I experienced the sound of a banjo for the first time because of The Beverly Hillbillies. That sound stuck in my head and never left! ” -Don Clark

Today, over 30 years later, Don and his son Danny travel around the country in a specially designed bus that replicates the one Earl Scruggs used with Lester Flat and the Foggy Mountain Boys.

The Clark’s bus is a rolling  bluegrass museum educating and inspiring future generations of American music. From the deserts of California to the heart of the south, Don Clark has made it his personal mission to spread the joy of American music through his Bluegrass Bus Museum. The bus is a hands on interactive museum that allows children and adults to become immersed in the history of country and bluegrass music.

From The Del McCoury Band
"The Bluegrass Bus Museum is exactly what it's called. You will be amazed at what's inside. If you have the Museum at your festival once, it will be back again and again. All the guys in the band love The Bluegrass Bus Museum."

From Jere "Pop" Cherryholmes
"Don Clark's Bluegrass Bus Museum is a trip back through the history of American, Hillbilly music, a must see for all true Bluegrass lovers."

From Marty Stuart
"Lester Flatt once told me when the road got a little weary the Foggy Mountain Boys would pull the bus into a grove of trees along the side of the road to sleep. Recently I saw the Bluegrass Bus at a festival parked amongst the pines, it looked liked a ghost. I'll admit it, I stood there for a moment, listened to Little Girl Of Mine In Tennessee in my head and dreamed that Lester, Earl, Curly, Paul, Josh and Jake would step out. There is nothing like a Foggy Mountain Dream. Goodness Gracious its good."

For more information about the portable museum please visit the website www.bluegrassbus.com

The Facebook page can be found by visiting www.facebook.com/TheBluegrassBusMuseum

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