Image634983388767235992When Blake Shelton called older Americans 'old farts and jackasses' because they would not buy his CD's or tickets to his concerts, he raised the hackles of several organized groups dedicated to rural country music. 

According to Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association since 1976, "We organized a large non-profit corporation 39 years ago to prevent the very thing Blake Shelton is espousing. “


Everhart continued with; “…Today we have joined forces with the Traditional Music Association of America; Classic Country; The Real Old Farts & Jackasses; American Music Group; and several other organizations who are very concerned about the insults Blake Shelton tosses around so nonchalantly."

According to Maggie Penn, who heads up a country music association in Illinois, "We are going to march on Nashville.  We are demanding that Blake Shelton be removed from the Grand Ole Opry.  We are also demanding that huge radio conglomerates respond to our requests to feature more traditional and classic country music on these so-called country music radio stations.  Clear Channel is one of the worst offenders.  Mr. May, CEO, of Clear Channel needs to remember that the frequencies they broadcast on do not belong to them, they belong to us."

The 'march' is set for April 17 down Music Row in Nashville.

Prescription Bluegrass spoke with MS Penn via telephone regarding the petition and where anyone who wished might be able to electronically sign or show support.   According to her, a web site has been set up at least on two different occasions and as many as 400 signatures were obtained before the website mysteriously disappeared.  She said they are working on getting another one back up for those folks who may not be able to attend the rally in Nashville.

Prescription Bluegrass also spoke with Bob Everhart on tour in Florida who said he thinks it’s important for the Opry folks to actually see people signing the petition and they hope to have several hundred people marching and signing on April 17th.

Everhart said he thinks that perhaps the New Old Farts and Jackasses community page on Facebook may be a logical choice for posting the petition.

We will post more information here as it becomes available.

Image634983385686589790In an unrelated story, one of the generation that Shelton was blasting at least has gone forward and called for forgiveness for Shelton.  Legendary Country Music star Merle Haggard went to Twitter where Shelton has been attempting to apologize ever since he uttered those now famous words and stated that he (Haggard) on behave of the Old Farts, forgives Blake Shelton and called for Shelton to record a tribute album.


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