Return To The Days of Yesteradio with WLS 89th Anniversary Celebration!

Image634977352607817954The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) will celebrate the 89th anniversary of The National Barn Dance radio show in the actual historic WLS studio on March 23 at 3pm.

The special event will feature an afternoon of classic country music, historic reflections and documentary clips from “The Hayloft Gang: The Story of the National Barn Dance.” Filmmaker Stephen Parry will host the anniversary celebration that will benefit The National Radio Hall of Fame, which is housed inside the MBC.

In 1924, The National Barn Dance made its debut over WLS Radio/Chicago. The show was the first to blend folk and country music with rural humor. The legendary Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, George Gobel, Andy Williams and Eddie Image634977346664488015Peabody were all regular members of the show’s cast The National Barn Dance rapidly grew in popularity and was the idea behind Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.

Celebration attendees will receive a limited edition poster commemorating the 89th anniversary of The National Barn Dance. The program was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2011.

Tickets for the event are $89 each and can be purchased online at http://www.Museum.TV or by phone at:  312-624-8010.

Scott Childers, radio personality, author of the book “Chicago's WLS Radio” and host of “The History of WLS” website and

James F. Evans, retired farm broadcaster,  and author of “Prairie Farmer and WLS: The Burridge D. Butler Years” will be featured speakers.

Also on the speakers podium, Paul Tyler, musician, folklorist and historian with the Old Town School of Folk Music and author of the lead essay in the book “The Hayloft Gang”; and David Wylie, historian of The National Barn Dance and early station history. Tyler will also perform live

Stephen Parry, Producer/Director of “The Hayloft Gang,” will moderate the discussion.

The original location of the historic WLS BARN DANCE at 1230 West Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL is the site of the event. Duke Miglin, current building owner and noted Chicago developer, is making the space available for the celebration. The historic studio will soon be transformed into office space.

WLS Radio is a promotional sponsor of the celebration. Rubschlager Baking Corporation is an event sponsor and will provide light refreshments.



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