The Roys Take Their Sound to European Audiences for the First Time

Image634991893842356701Award-winning brother/sister duo THE ROYS will cover new territory May 1 - 5 as they make their European debut with select dates at two picturesque Danish Culture Houses, Germany's ever-popular 11th Annual Buehler Bluegrass Festival and the quintessential English theatre, Leicester Square

Hailed for their superb sibling harmonies, signature "Rootsy Bluegrass Country" sound and compelling original tunes, THE ROYS complement their vocal style with a vibrant and progressive instrumental attitude that has enchanted fans since the duo's first release.

For Lee and Elaine, these special dates represent a dream come true - and a good chance to dip their feet into the bigger global pond. 

"To say we are excited about going to Europe is an understatement," notes Elaine.  "We are counting down the days!"  The siblings believe that music is the universal language and hope that their music will resonate with the audiences overseas.  "We want to show them that we love what we do and that we feel blessed to do it."

The two are studying some key phrases in Dutch and German, and Lee is looking forward to the challenge of driving on the "other" side of the road.  "Elaine's scared to death of my driving here," Lee admits with a laugh.  "I can't wait to see how fast she buckles up once I'm behind the wheel over there."


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