Valerie Smith Releases New Electronic Press Kit

Image634978101742936032The Digital Age sure has some great advantages and among them is the availability of material for an artist’s fans to absorb.  

In the old days, a musician’s press kit contained biographical information and samples of of their work in various forms. Colored glossy photographs and audio tape of recordings were the standard.  Along the way VHS video tapes and then DVDs began to enter into the kit.  


Still all of this material was compiled and sent out only to those who had a need to know….booking agents, the media, possible management and other representative agents, etc.

Now, with the digital age and it’s ready accessibility, an artist can post an Electronic Press Kit or EPK on line and everyone can see it.  It becomes an entirely different marketing tool in a way.

The latest EPK to be posted comes from Valerie Smith.  Take a look.

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