Video Trailer Released For Bluegrass Pioneers DVD

Image635001380919915236James Reams who has been working on a bluegrass documentary for more than ten years is getting closer to finishing – Close enough to release a video trailer. (Watch Video at end of this post)

“More than two dozen musicians who played pivotal roles in the development of bluegrass music provide a treasure trove of candid comments, history and stories. Filmed from 2002 to 2008, this unique documentary preserves these brief, informal Q&A clips, made more precious by the passing away of many of these legends since this project’s inception.” ~ Stephanie P. Ledgin, award-winning author, Homegrown Music: Discovering Bluegrass

Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass isn't a slick video production from some fancy movie company. It's a labor of love, shot with minimal equipment. The plan was to make the viewer feel like they are standing right there with these bluegrass pioneers, just shooting the breeze.

Many of those that appeared in this film have since passed away. In some cases this documentary represents their last filmed interview.


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