Calling All Fiddlers–What Are You Doing For World Fiddle Day?

Image635016325658833896Somewhat surprising as it is considering just how many centuries the world has been making music by striking a bow against a tightly anchored set of strings, until now no official holiday anywhere in the world exists to celebrate the family of fiddle instruments.

On Saturday May 18th, 2013 the first WORLD FIDDLE DAY will occur.

Just what will actually “occur” is still guesswork since many (if not most fiddlers) are not even aware of this special day. However as we learned from the first occurrence of Bluegrass Appreciation Day in 2012, these things tend to take on a life of their own and many celebrations will go unreported .

Image635016300303213638According to the day’s founder, Caoimhin Mac Aoidh from  Donegal, Ireland, anyone and everyone who plays or even just enjoys listening to that great variety of instruments ranging from micro-sized fiddles to big fiddles like cellos and double basses, gourd fiddles, tin fiddles, brass fiddles, violas, cigarbox fiddles, violones, and even if you refer to your instruments as a violin, you need to celebrate it’s beauty.Image635016935416980067

Aoidh said, “there is great pride in the announcement made just last month  that Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, has agreed to serve as Patron for World Fiddle Day, 2013.”

It is not surprising that the latter are also many of the founding principles and visions for World Fiddle Day.

“Many people / groups over diverse areas of the globe have organized events, which for year one, I consider a significant achievement,” Aoidh told Prescription Bluegrass. 

The day for fiddlers is “quickly spreading globally and already numerous  “Ambassadors” have been named.” (Ambassadors are influential players who can spread the message in their performances and through their fan media") John Carty (Irish fiddle), Paul Anastasio (jazz, swing violin) and Paul Cranford (Cape Breton fiddle).

A number of other Ambassadors have also been approached and are considering but what seems disappointing to Prescription Bluegrass is the obvious absence of bluegrass fiddlers.  We contacted several and were told they had no awareness of the event.  However Becky Buller was quick to see the possibilities, saying:

If they're crowning a king and queen of fiddle day, I, naturally, nominate Stuart Duncan and Alison Krauss. My only hope is that I get to ride on the float in the parade as one of the waving gals throwing rosin out at everybody! Seriously, though. What an excellent idea for a way to honor this glorious instrument! I plan on celebrating by hosting a jam for my students.

If you are a bluegrass fiddler, we urge you to contact the day’s founder, Caoimhin Mac Aoidh and join the celebration.




Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Fiddle-Day/291291290978885

Website:  http://worldfiddleday.com

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