Image635029032358394503Prescription Bluegrass welcomes Mark Raborn as our newest CD Reviewer. 

Mark is a noted banjo player in multiple genres and a very diversified writer.  From his experiences on stage with Bill Monroe to his writing for “Banjo After Dark,” Mark brings a philosophy of respect for artistic differences.  With so many things like timing, tuning, originality, fidelity, harmony, appeal and flow happening in one recording, Mark says, “It often takes more than one spin to evaluate so many things in a production.”

Prescription Bluegrass Blog editor and radio program host Brian McNeal said, “I'm extremely pleased to bring Mark on board with us just a week after announcing Rita Small's inclusion on the writers' list. More reviewers means more opinions, more diversity and a better service to both the artists and the bluegrass community.”

Mark's banjo fascination began as an 11-year-old when a friend showed him how to play “Boil Them Cabbage Down” in a three-finger style and he's been hooked ever since.

In 1994 he began playing banjo with James Monroe and the Midnight Ramblers. James, being the son of Bill Monroe, gave Mark a connection with and opportunities to perform on stage with Bill Monroe.

Based upon advice he received from the Father of Bluegrass (Bill Monroe), Mark started up a booking agency and during that portion of his musical career, booked such well known acts as James Monroe, Carl Story, Josh Graves and Kenny Baker and the Sullivan Family. 

As a songwriter he has more than 160 original pieces to his credit and his first book was published in 2006. (Journal of the Angelic – available from Amazon ).

Mark's first CD Review for Prescription Bluegrass will be for Compass Records' Rebecca Frazier and her latestest CD “When We Fall” due to be available to retail markets at the end of May.  His review will be published in Mid-May on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog.

Artists and record labels wishing to contact Mark about possible CD reviews should do so at:

Mark A. Raborn
705 Sour Spring Trail
Sullivan, Mo. 63080

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